Abstract Math by Intuition

Usually, many students run away from abstract math because they are scared of the bland and hence not so insightful proofs and concepts. But, the secret to learning them is to understand that Abstract math concepts always originate from simple everyday math and objects. It is on these ideas that more bigger and general framework is built upon. However, in rigor of the subject these in between the lines important statements are lost. This page tries to bridge this gap by reproducing these in between the lines arguments to make you better understand the abstract math concepts. For example, David Hilbert, published a not so rigorous book in his lifetime ‘Geometry and Imagination’ in which he lists the ideas which helped him develop the mathematical concepts. Georg Polya developed the concept of ‘Polya’s 2d vector fields’ to explain complex analysis and related subjects. To say the least, World renowned TERRY TAOS blog page explains it the best. Also, check this article which explains why is intuition missing from mathematics education (link). Keep scrolling this page here to learn more.

This corner of the website also tries to build new concepts to teach Complex analysis such that it reaches more people with bigger impact. Keep following the updates and do please give feedback →Check→ Complex Analysis by intuition.


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