IISER Aptitude Test

This page contains Solutions and Tips for IISER Aptitude test for admissions in BS-MS program.

What are IISERs ?

Ans: Unlike IIT’s which were made to focus on Technology related subjects IISER ( Indian Institute for Science Education and Research) focusses on spreading Basic Science and on research in many fields from Physics,Maths,Bio,Chem,Paleantology,Geology ad many more.

What is IISER Aptitude test ?

Ans: IISER Aptitude Test is an exam conducted by IISERs at various venues to search candidates for admission at their institute. It is given by candidates eligible for iNspire Scholarship after securing a cut off percentage in their respective states. For more info check link. However, note that candidates can be admitted by KVPY and IIT exams also and are exempted from Aptitude Test.

How is the exam conducted ?

The exam has 15 questions each in BIO,CHEM,MATH,PHY

and is of 3 hrs.

Each question contains 3 marks and 1 mark is deducted for every wrong answer.

Therefore total marks are 15*4*3=180 marks and each question gets 3hrs/60questions=3mins/question if you aim to solve all questions however this is an aptitude test so try to focus on what you want know and jot it down properly in rough paper for evaluation.



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